Pics from last summer’s yard…tired of winter

Zebra Mallow 8-7-13 #1

“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.”

Isaiah 40:8 ESV


These are in alphabetical order…Not order of bloom

Enjoy!Apple Blossom 5-24-13 #1

Apple blossom 5-24-13

Asian Lily 'Crimson Pixie'  blooms 7-2-13 #1vf

Asian Lily ‘Crimson Pixie’ with peonies and spirea blooming behind 7-2-13

Asian Lily 'Red Pixie' lots of blooms 7-5-13 #1vf

…more Asian Lily ‘Crimson Pixie’ blooms 7-5-13

Balloon Flower 7-27-13 #2

Balloon Flower 7-27-13

Beacon Silver starting to bloom 6-20-13

Beacon Silver 6-20-13

Bleeding heart blooms 6-13-13 #2

Bleeding heart bloom 6-13-13

Butterflyweed blooming 8-7-13 #3

Butterfly Weed 8-7-13

Cactus blooming 7-11-13 #1vf

Prickly Pear Cactus 7-11-13  Yep…hardy here in zone 4!

Clematis 'Dr. Ruppel' 6-20-13 #1vwrm

Clematis ‘Dr. Ruppel’ 6-20-13

Clematis 'Polish Spirit' 7-2-13vcrop

Clematis ‘Polish Spirit’ 7-2-13

Columbine 6-2-13 #3v

Columbine 6-2-13 (got it on clearance so don’t know the variety)

Columbine by patio 6-8-13 #3 crop fltr

Columbine-wild 6-8-13

Coral Bell 'Hollywood' 6-20-13

Coral Bells ‘Hollywood’ 7-2-13

Coral Bell 'Snow Angel' by pond 6-7-13

Coral Bells ‘Snow Angel’ 6-7-13

Coreopsis 'Rosea' Threadleaf 8-21-13

Coreopsis Threadleaf ‘Rosea’ 8-21-13

Daffodils-first blooms 5-9-13 #1 adj

Daffodils 5-6-13

Daisy 'Crazy Daisy' 7-17-13 #2

Daisy ‘Crazy Daisy’ 7-17-13

Daylilies and Monarda by dog fence

Daylily ‘Stella d’Oro’ with Monarda (Bee Balm) blooming behind 7-24-13

Daylily dbl. 7-30-13 #1vfwrm

Daylily, a double-variety unkown, it was a gift 😀  8-2-13

Daylily dbl. with Monarda 8-2-13

Daylily-double, with Monarda blooming behind 8-2-13

Daylily 'El Desparado' 8-2-13

Daylily ‘El Desparado’ 8-2-13

Daylily 'Mauna Loa' 7-23-13 #2

Daylily ‘Mauna Loa’ 7-23-13

Daylily 'South Seas' 7-29-13 first bloom of seasonv

Daylily ‘South Seas’ 7-29-13

Daylily 'South Seas' 8-7-13 #1

Daylily ‘South Seas’-same plant as previous pic but look at the difference the different light makes!  8-7-13

Daylily 'Strutters Ball' 7-23-13 #2vfwrm crop

Daylily ‘Strutters Ball’ 7-23-13

Delphinium 'Blue Bird' bloom close-up 7-2-13

Delphinium ‘Blue Bird’ 7-2-13

Delphinium 'Blue Butterfly', Crimson Scabious and other plants by dog fence 7-13-13

Delpninium ‘Blue Butterfly’  and Crimson Scabious mixed in 7-13-13

Flame Grass 10-14-13

Flame Grass 10-14-13

Flowers and Wrigley 7-23-13

Mix of Delphinium, Liatris, Scabious and Butterfly Weed, with my dog Wrigs watching from the other side of the fence.

Geranium Sanguineum 6-12-13 vwrm

Geranium Sanguineum 6-12-13

Ginger Mint 7-30-13 #2

Ginger Mint 7-30-13…one of my potted herbs

Hibiscus Giant 'Fireball' multi blooms 8-28-13 #2vf

Hibiscus Giant ‘Fireball’ 8-23-13, Liatris and Crimson Scabious

Honeysuckle 'Goldflame' still blooming 10-10-13

Honeysuckle ‘Goldflame’ 10-10-13

Honeysuckle Vine 'Major Wheeler' 6-30-13 #2 close-upv

Honeysuckle ‘Major Wheeler’ 6-30-13

Hosta and driftwood 9-20-13

Hosta and drifwood 9-20-13

Hosta bloom 7-29-13 #1

Hosta bloom 7-29-13

Hosta bloom 7-29-13 #2

Hosta bloom 7-29-13

Hostas blooming 8-7-13

Hostas blooming along with a fallen Tall Phlox 8-7-13

Hyacinch, fence and sky 5-20-13 #2

Hyacinth 5-20-13

Hydrangea Tree bloom 9-3-13 #2vf

Hydrangea Tree 9-3-13

Impatien in water from Wiltrout Nursery 9-6-13vfwrmcrop

Impatien 9-6-13-developed by Wiltrout Nursery to grow in water!

Iris trio-yellow 6-20-13 #1vwrm

Iris-yellow 6-20-13

Iris-purple 6-18-13 #1vwrm

Iris purple and lavender 6-18-13

Lenten Rose 'Blue Metallica Lady' 5-5-13 close-up #1v

Lenten Rose ‘Blue Metallica Lady’ 5-5-13…with a name like that I had to have this one!  And  it blooms like crazy first thing in spring.

Lenten Rose 'Blue Metallica Lady' 5-9-13

Lenten Rose ‘Blue Metallica Lady’ 5-5-13…see all the blooms!

Liatris 8-2-13

Liatris 8-2-13

Lilac 'Josee' 6-10-13

Lilac ‘Josee’ 6-10-13, this a re-blooming type but the first bloom is much heavier than any after that.

Lillies-Oriental 'Stargazer' 8-7-13

Oriental Lilly ‘Stargazer’ with Hosta blooms 8-7-13

Lily pad in pond blooming 7-5-13

Water Lily blooming in our little ‘pond’ 7-5-13

Lily-Oriental 'Salmon Star' 7-27-13 #2

Oriental Lily ‘Salmon Star’ 7-27-13…ohhhhh the fragrance from these Oriental Lillies!

Lily-Oriental 'Stargazer' 8-6-13 #1vf

Oriental Lily ‘Stargazer’ 8-6-13

Marigold 6-18-13 #3

Marigolds ‘French’ 6-18-13

Marigold 7-23-13 #3vcrop

Marigold ‘French’ 7-23-13

Marigolds poking their heads through the garden fence 7-23-13

Our raised bed veggie garden with French Marigolds planted all around 7-23-13

Monarda blooming 7-16-13vf

Monarda (Bee Balm) ‘Gardenview Scarlet’ 7-16-13

Morning Glory 'Heavenly Blue' 8-15-13 #1

Morning Glory ‘Heavenly Blue’ 8-15-13

Morning Glory 'Heavenly Blue' 10-11-12 #1

Morning Glory ‘Heavenly Blue’ 10-11-13  “There’s a home with morning glories, like you read about in stories, and we’ll call it yours and mine”…one of the songs my parents used to sing 😀

Peony with Spirea blooming 6-26-13

Peony and spirea 6-26-13

Peony-ivory with blush 6-25-13 #1v

Peony-ivory with a blush of raspberry on edge 6-25-13

Phlox 'David' 8-13-13 #1adjv

Phlox-tall ‘David’ 8-13-13  I have these by my front entry-the fragrance is amazing!

Phlox 'David' 8-13-13 #2

Phlox-tall ‘David’ 8-13-13  These are pretty tall and needed to be staked.

Phlox-tall pink 8-13-13

Phlox-tall pink 8-13-13

Queen of the Prairie 7-21-13 #1

Queen of the Prairie 7-21-13

Rhododendron 6-18-13

Rhododendron 6-18-13

Rhododendron PJMs 5-20-13

Rhododendrons ‘PJM’ 5-20-13

Rose Campion-first bloom of the season 7-4-13

Rose Campion 7-4-13

Spirea close-up with Clematis behind 6-28-13cropwrm

Spirea 6-28-13

Trillium flower close-up 5-24-13 adj wrm

Trillium 5-24-13

Trumpet Vine 8-2-13 #2

Trumpet Vine 8-2-13

Vent Pipe planting 6-13-13 wrm

Hostas, Ferns and Bugle Weed planted with a trellis to hide vent pipes 6-13-13

Verbena Peach, in hanging basket 5-29-13

Verbena-Peach hanging basket 5-29-13

Waterfall plantings 6-13-13 #2

Planting by our waterfall/stream/pond 6-13-13

Weigela 6-25-13

Weigela 6-25-13

Zebra Mallow 8-7-13 #1

Zebra Mallow 8-7-13

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