Gardening with and for Wildlife part 7-The Regulars

Piney 3-17-09 on dead tree limb

“Who teaches us more than the beasts of the earth and makes us wiser than the birds of the heavens?”                              Job 35:11 ESV

Some pics of the ‘regulars’

Peanut Wreath with squirrel 12-31-12 wrm

Grey Squirrel on peanut wreath


Gray Squirrel on our weber!  Hey, what’s for dinner?

Piney 3-17-09 on limb stump

Red Piney Squirrel

Chippy 10-12-13 #1 redone on ipad

Chipmunk eating the last of the cherry tomatoes from our garden

bunny in the yard 6-23-12 #1


Woodchuck-Valpo '87 wrm

Woodchuck…okay, so he’s not really a ‘regular’, but he’s cute!

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